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MOSA is No Longer Accepting New Applications for 2020

Covid-19 has reduced the number of available inspectors and/or the number of inspections that they can perform in a normal year. Due to this temporary lack of capacity, MOSA is no longer accepting new applications for 2020 certification. 

We will accept applications for 2021. Please contact MOSA for more information.


If you intend to apply for certification, contact MOSA prior to starting the application process in order to determine if we can offer service in your geographic area and on your timeline: mosa@mosaorganic.org or 608-637-2526. 

If you are a new applicant and your desired certification date is less than three months away, please review this information about our Expedited Services Program and contact our office to discuss: 608-637-2526. 

Provide information below for the primary contact person, whose responsibilities are outlined in the MOSA Terms and Conditions Agreement. You may list other contact people later in the application process.
The email address that you provide below will be used for communications from MOSA and you are responsible for ensuring that email communications from MOSA are received and that you respond by any deadline indicated. A confirmation email will be sent after registering - please check any junk or spam folders.
Contact us if you do not receive this confirmation within 20 minutes by calling