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Welcome to MyMOSA!

MyMOSA is the online portal for current MOSA clients to access their account, to update their certification information, and to submit new documentation.

MyMOSA is also for prospective (new) clients to submit their initial application materials.
If you have already created an account, simply click the "Login" button below. If you need to create an account for the first time, please click "Register".

If you need immediate support, please contact the MOSA office: mosa@mosaorganic.org or (844) 637-2526.

Begin the New Client Application process for 2024 by creating a free account and then completing the New Client Overview (NCO). Understanding your type of production, and your timeline for certification, will help us determine if we can offer service in your area, and in a timely manner. After you submit your NCO through MyMOSA a MOSA staff member will review your request and contact you with a decision and next steps within two business days.

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